Taft Foodmasters is now Eleni’s Modern Mediterranean!

Taft Foodmasters, last year’s FABI award winner and makers of authentic plant-based gyro, shawarma and sliced sausage announces their merger with an exciting, new company out of Chicago called Eleni’s Modern Mediterranean. Eleni’s focuses on innovative, convenient Mediterranean inspired plant-based products that are geared for use in quick-paced food service, and offer fast at-home ethnic meal options.

“We are thrilled to partner with such a refreshingly new company that will showcase our award winning vegan sliced gyro and sausage. The new spices and flavors Eleni’s added to my original recipe have really taken the vegan proteins to a new level, although we will still offer the Taft original version as well.  Eleni’s Modern Med. also has exciting first to market healthy, gourmet Mediterranean inspired line extensions that will stand out in the food service industry. There is a huge need for plant-based proteins that can accompany the traditional Greek salads, wraps, and other popular grab and go foods, especially in colleges etc. where the demand for more flavors and bright new spice profiles, tastes and alternative meat products are all the rage. Eleni’s Modern Med. will offer new and complimentary products in addition. These new products are exactly what food service teams are looking for and will appreciate. It will simplify the entire production.” Says Jessica Taft, Founder of Taft Foodmasters.


Inspired by Eleni, the founder’s Greek grandmother, Madeline Bartzis looks to do for Mediterranean what Chipotle has done for Mexican food: offering a protein-filled option for vegans and vegetarians to be able to enjoy on the go.

“Our products will fill the gap for Millennials like me who love ethnic foods and flavors but are also looking to eat healthy, non-GMO, plant-based products like Taft’s,” says Bartzis, a nutritional science major who fused her creative culinary talents and love for healthy vegan and vegetarian foods to bring Eleni’s Modern Mediterranean to market.

“Right now, Greek food is only capturing 17% of the ethnic food market. Taft was able to wow the market with 21 grams of plant-based protein per 3 ounces of yummy, meat-like sliced gyro and sausage that no one else offers in food service. Taft’s products captivated me. I added my own spin to them, toning down the cumin and stepping up some of the other spices. I’m really happy with the new taste and flavors and can’t wait to market these innovative products at the NRA show! Because the products are sliced, they fit perfectly inside pita bread, tortillas or any other types of wraps, making it easy to cook up things like gyro tacos or Mediterranean burritos, but without all of the extra calories and fat that animal-based proteins provide. We will also be the first to offer gyro, shawarma and sausage protein cups—all plant-based, of course! The plant-based products will come in 3 oz. sealed cups that can easily be added to grab and go salads and kits for that extra punch of protein whether you be a vegetarian, vegan, or just someone trying to eat a bit healthier.”

By joining their brands together, Taft and Eleni’s Modern Mediterranean solve the challenges that high-volume food service has to deal with all the time when trying to bring more versatility to the menus, consumers, and clients as it’s always so fast-paced in the back of the house.

From the start, Taft’s products made it super easy to whip up delicious, creative meals in no time. From just three SKU’s, food service and home chefs can make dozens of unique recipes for prep food departments from healthy grocery stores like Whole Foods to colleges, restaurants, and convenient stores. Busy food lines and prep lines can make a slew of options to shake up their menus in seconds. The new products we offer, such as our egg-less scramble that comes pre-cooked, portioned and ready to add in breakfast wraps, English muffins, etc. shorten the steps that normally take a lot of effort to prepare to make easy morning options without the meat or cholesterol.

Many salad bars now have Mediterranean sections. Our vegan proteins can be eaten as warm slices or chilled gyro/shawarma crumble. They add something new that the market has never seen before. Folks can simply sprinkle our plant-based protein cups on top of their salads and foods, adding that ethnic flavor and texture effortlessly, without the extra calories and fat! It’s definitely something special, and the award-winning proteins that Taft Foodmasters have brilliantly created compliment Eleni’s brand perfectly.

The food landscape has been missing innovative Mediterranean, such as our plant-based protein products, for a while now. Taft and Eleni’s, as a merged brand, promises to change all of that, extending modern Mediterranean cuisine to new heights!

Come by booth  # 7063 at the upcoming NRA show in Chicago’s McCormick Center taste what Eleni’s Modern Mediterranean is bringing!